Miguel Scheroff is a young painter whose works range between reality and fiction. Using the technique of oil painting as his favorite, he presents large-scale works made with an incredible hyperrealism.

He puts in contact painting with photography, although that it is not his intention, but he aims to critique the society within we live. “Naked human being in an extreme form, eliminating any social traces that can survive in your skin and showing in detail the human sadism.” The artist peels life revealing its transience. We are meat, nothing more.

"My works consist of big format portraits developed through painting or drawing but supported by digital photography, new technologies and mass media which have become new information sources for art creatives," says Scheroff. "Any kind of texture, framework, that look like skin, hair, or organic material can be found and recontextualize in these artworks. These elements allude to psychological issues or context facets of the portrayed person. By multiplying, or excessive descontextualizing details, and mixing-up different organic concepts and images, this kind of portraits give more precise or imaginary information than obtained from the real nature used as model for those artworks. Through this research,technical, esthetic and conceptual contributions present in this kind of portraits will be especified and put in to own practice."