Driven by the inescapable qualities of the natural world Michelle Blade's work investigates curiosity and one's search for meaning and place within the universe. Following in the tradition of Romantic painters projecting the human psyche onto landscape, Blade creates sculptures and paintings examining the relationship between psychological and external space.

Shifting between subjectivities, Blade also examines the concept of the empath, a person who soaks up the emotional environment around them and internalizes it. Combining these two perspectives, the work within Gentle Existential becomes a personal and geographic mythology, a figurative painter’s feminine and empathic look at the parts versus the whole of experience—and subtle workings of the self within the world.

“In my dream I am looking at a busy urban city street scene. On the sidewalk beats my heart, it is floating above my body and I am watching both, as if they were pedestrians. I watch my suspended heart go for a walk with my body, following beneath it, sliding along as if on a moving sidewalk. While my heart continues to beat rhythmically through the city it moves out of my line of vision. My psyche and my sight, a separate duo, pan left. My psyche says to my sight, 'gestalt', and I awake."

Opening Reception at Brilliant Champions Gallery: Thursday, September 15, 2016 from 6-9pm