Mark Mulroney is having a Baseball Show @ Park Life

Apr 15, 2016Park Life Gallery, San Francisco

The dawn of Spring means a lot for those of you who are freezing your ass off on the East Coast, but for us it means baseball season and some good art shows are upon us. And Mark Mulroney is having a baseball show at Park Life in San Francisco. And we need more art shows in the is world dedicated to baseball, a sport of nostalgia that translates to art in ways that football never will nor can. Oh, and the show is called "Mark Likes Baseball Part 1."

“Mark Likes Baseball Part 1″ is the first in an ongoing and sporadic series of shows about the history, graphics and social impact of baseball on our culture. Paintings, collages, wood-carvings, interactive sculptures and plenty of homemade baseball cards will be included along side written descriptions of the works. In an effort to communicate his enduring love for the game of baseball Mulroney has made all of the works in the spirit of friendship and generosity. If you love baseball you might find something to like in this show and if you hate baseball you might hate it a little bit less after seeing this show.