A few weeks ago, when we checked in with Marcel Dzama, he was giving us a lesson on how to draw and paint a bat. At the same time, he was putting some finishing touches on a special exhibition with David Zwirner, Pink Moon, that takes Dzama's robust body of work from Mexico and Morocco and creates a virtual story and online viewing room. The Morocco travels are part of Dzama's upcoming Louis Vuitoon Travel Book that will be released later this season. 

As Zwirner notes, travel is a very imporant characteristic and influence in Dzama's work. In so many ways, as we don't have the ability to travel freely at the moment, the Pink Moon experience almost feels like a time capsule from a distant era. As we temporarily change the way we move around the world, these adventures through the lens of an artist, told in a story the way Zwirner presents these works and videos, makes it all the more special. 

There is also a colorbook for kids (and adults) at the end of the viewing room, Coloring the Pink Moon, available as a downloadable PDF.