"Machine Show": Art With Unique Tools @ Library Street Collective, Detroit

Oct 28, 2017 - Dec 23, 2017Library Street Collective, Detroit

Opening this Saturday October 28, Library Street Collective presents Machine Show, an exhibition exploring the innovative processes of painters Paul Kremer, Mark Flood, MOMO and Jason REVOK.

Curated by Kremer, Machine Show will uncover the methodology behind the artists' works, showing painting alongside video, performance, and functional objects. Whether made to spec or fashioned from available found materials, an artist’s tools can be definitive for a particular series of works, and even have the potential to drive an entire career. With the acceleration of production schedules, tools can be made and modified to offer expediency in practice, create a spectacle in performance, upend convention, or create an aesthetic that leaves the viewer wondering how a piece was made. In taking matters into their own hands, the act of creating unique tools can express dissatisfaction with the status quo, available methods, and with movements in art that came before. Whether analog or tech-based, it is the ultimate act of progress to design new methods of production.