"Life Is 2 Short," Curated by Homeless Cop at Delicious Vinyl

May 19, 2018 - May 26, 2018Delicious Vinyl, Los Angeles

"For 1 week in Los Angeles, 24 artists will be putting their work together for a group show. Why? They are well aware of the impending doom that awaits us all, and this hatred of death unites them in their revolt. Paintings, sculpture, and photography are all things we should enjoy while we can, and here is a hand picked lineup of people making things out of nothing. Life Is 2 Short."––Homeless Cop

He summed it up, if you're in LA, go check out a pretty spectacular group show that our friend Homeless Cop curated at Delicious Vinyl. The show, titled Life is 2 Short, runs from May 19-26th, there will be beer, pizza, and on May 26th, there will also be live music. The show has too many of our favs to make it worth writing them all out right here, peep the flyer.