Samantha Wall’s nationally acclaimed series, “Let Your Eyes Adjust to the Dark”, is a collection of hauntingly beautiful black and white figures of women painted in sumi ink, dried pigment, and charcoal. Flowing and ethereal, they are a compelling exploration of ethnicity, femininity, and the gaze. For this body of work, Wall has interviewed and photographed multiracial women, nurturing the emotional exchange of ideas between herself and her models.

Images from "Let Your Eyes Adjust to the Dark" as well as other bodies of work.

What she seeks is an image which conveys more than a conventional portrait; an interstitial space where the subject is between expression and release. The result is a compelling series of powerful figures which convey the complexity and multifaceted expression of individual psyche, or as Wall conveys, “a place where emotions call out and perceived racial boundaries dissolve”. The resulting portraits are a stunningly powerful series of works, reminding us of the complexity of human emotions and relationships.

Text via Roq La Rue Gallery