Hashimoto Contemporary is opening another show two doors up from Joel Daniel Phillips' Hazards May Be Present. The exhibit is titled Sentient, and it's the inaugural solo exhibition by Chicago-based artist Laura Berger, who we interviewed earlier this year. Utilizing her signature glyphic style, she explores connectivity and community in her new body of work. Her concise female figures commune, dance and support one another in acrylic on panel paintings. Each character is at once an individual totem and an integral piece of a larger composition upholding the communities created within each of Berger’s paintings.

Shadowy echoes of figures mirror their more vivid counterparts, evoking a sense of history and unity. These ghostly apparitions seem to lend their support and serve as a reminder of past generations.

The new paintings created for Sentient are energized with more vivid and fiery tones, eliciting a sense of power and energy. Berger’s minimalist paintings are imbued with a deep reverence for community and togetherness paired with a perceptive sensitivity that emanates hope.