Long Story Short is excited to present Linger On, a solo exhibition featuring the works of Hiroya Kurata, at 54E Henry St, New York, through June 23, 2024.

Linger On showcases a captivating collection of Hiroya Kurata's works, where he merges influences from Japanese Manga, Western Expressionism, and traditional landscape painting. His ability to transform everyday scenes into enchanting vistas is showcased through his vibrant use of color and meticulous painting technique. His compositions seamlessly meld the familiar with the surreal, drawing viewers into a world where reality and fantasy intertwine. For example, in "Come to My Door," a woman stands by the dock, admiring the calm water as the roof of a gazebo flips open to make a greeting to her; "Spring Fever" captures the allure of a cherry blossom tree against the backdrop of a man whose hat floats above his head.

The dreamlike quality of his landscapes, reminiscent of the ethereal styles of Charles Burchfield and John Marin, evokes nostalgia and transports viewers into a realm where the ordinary becomes extraordinary. Inspired by existing imagery, Kurata electrifies mundane scenes, crafting dynamic tapestries of color and form that challenge perception.