A couple of weeks ago, while visiting Berlin, we stopped by Urban Spree to check out the work in progress by Lars Wunderlich aka Look The Weird from The Weird crew (Nychos, Low Bros, DXTR, Vidam, Frau Issa, etc). What Are We Looking For? opens on April 26th and will be his debut showcase with Urban Spree for the Berlin-based artist, introducing his recent pictorial explorations of our tech-dominated and image-centric world. 

In his paintings, Wunderlich collages different types of familiar imagery, twisting it through a variety of digital-like glitches in an effort to create original narratives. Referencing actual people and events, these alternative realities are observations on what we're seeing as opposed to what is actually going on, and how much or how easy this relationship can be manipulated. With subjects ranging from popular culture to science, tradition, and politics, the artist questions our quest for information and truth using clearly flawed technology and questionable sources. Contrasting the tranquil landscapes surrounded by heavy industry with elements from action movies, popular culture, and celebrities paired up with high technology elements, or soldiers attacking under the Chinese or EU flag, Look The Weird shows the other face of globalization and the mutated reality that comes from it. During his residence at Urban Spree the artist also painted a big mural on the outside wall, extending his studio practice into the public sphere and expanding the scale of his work.––Sasha Bogojev

Photos by @sashabogojev