Kylie Jenner's Aura Painted by Lindsay Evans Montgomery

April 22, 2016

Ever wonder what King Kylie's aura looks like? Well, you're lookin' at it. Using aura photography and other magic tricks, artist Lindsay Evans Montgomery makes visible the colorful chakras of celebrities, and their sparkly moments, forever frozen in time. From Kesha to Kanye, Montgomery researches and inteprets celebrity culture using a heavy dose of glitter and candy pop colors.

Lindsay 2

This work is best described by the artist herself, "Melted child-made stars are suspended in a velvet curtain falling from the top of the square frame coated in globs of glowing liquid lava or paint. Neon pink, yellow and blue, assembly line dripped candy dots cascade down from hot pink, puff-painted clouds. If there were walls, they would be covered in lemonade Jell-O and detachable charms. The dripping glitter forces me to participate in fictional spells that will promise me love and to meet Britney Spears." See more at