Kim Dorland Goes to the Forest in New Painting Series

Sep 08, 2017 - Oct 15, 2017Equinox Gallery, Vancouver

On September 8th Equinox Gallery in Vancouver opened an exhibition of new paintings by Kim Dorland. The show, titled Nemophilia, consists of works that are researching an appreciation for the forest as well as the lumberjack culture. The title of the exhibition is a compound word hat combines two Greek words: nemo, meaning wooded pasture, and philia, meaning fondness or love.

With heavy textured works created for this show, Dorland is portraying such environment as a delirious world, a place of curiosity, fear, bewilderment, wonder. and power. These intense feelings are accented with artist's vigorous application of thick layers of paint, as well as distinctive pigment choices. The series of paintings explore the limits of reality by turning the calm forest setting into a vibrant, almost abstract composition. By initiating his painting process on a digital tablet the artist creates further distance between the human and the nature world when depicting meeting points of the two worlds - fences, sandbags, vases, lumberjack outfit, or paintings within paintings. This paradoxical mash up of digital and painterly elements creates tension that somewhat represents the efforts of the modern man to connect back with the nature, as well as evolve in a digitally dominated world.