Kikyz1313 always likes to push the limits, and the Mexico-born artist opens works in the project room at Thinkspace entitled "Progeny of Chaos" from April 2—23, 2016.

Thinkspace is pleased to present Progeny of Chaos, its debut solo exhibition of work by KIKYZ1313 in the gallery’s project room. Laura Lucía Ferrer Zamudio was born in Querétaro, Mexico, and creates beautifully intricate ink, graphite, and watercolor works on paper. From beneath the initially alluring, and understated, first impression of the works, emerge unexpected oppositions and abject tensions. Studies in the afflicted wretchedness of humanity, her work is neither despondent nor obviously gory, but rather presents an aestheticized nightmare of sublime abhorrence; ambiguously gorgeous despite its agonizing discomfort.