On June 7th British political artist duo KennardPhillipps will be opening a new exhibition at Dadiani Fine Art, a gallery in the heart of the sophisticated Mayfair area in London. Organized on the eve of the general election, May Not is a timely response by Cat Phillipps and Peter Kennard, artists known for their provocative and unforgiving photo montages that analyze war, free speech, and the corruption of power.

The idea of showing such thought-provoking work in the luxurious mayfair setting was to attract new audiences as well as to make the impact of their work even stronger. Next to some of the London's most luxurious shops, high end restaurants, and hotels; the visitors will be faced with unpopular images that show the direct source and consequences of such wealth. Displayed in a form of a site-specific installation photo montages printed on The Financial Times and blank newsprint are propped up by a three-dimensional red graph which snakes throughout the gallery. The graph is connected directly to images that focus on the real-world impact of financial powerbrokers and the political elite, creating an ongoing narrative and obvious connection between the subjects and the events. The exhibition aims to create an opening for critical thinking among the visitors on the eve of an important political event and will include a poem written by Kate Tempest specifically for this event.––Sasha Bogojev