A traditional sign painter and a stained glass and tattoo artist come together over their love of Motörhead.

Ken Davis is a traditional sign painter and gold-leaf artist who got his start honing his craft with trace paper on stucco walls. Now, he creates signs that are truly golden pieces of art. Klem is a stained glass and tattoo artist who gets to create his masterpieces from 9-5 as well as after hours. He is a master of both ink and glass, creating art that lasts a lifetime.

This unlikely duo share a common love: Motörhead. While brainstorming ideas for their collaborative creation, they decided they wanted to bring together their contrasting methods to create a common ground – in this case, a tribute of sorts to Motörhead’s lead singer, the late great Lemmy Kilmister.

But using Lemmy as the focal point in their piece has a meaning that goes beyond their love of the man and his music – it’s what he stood for: zero compromise. Like Lemmy, these artists are advocates for authenticity always, no exceptions. One’s art should never aim to fit the mold of what others want or expect – it’s all about boundless creativity and staying 100% true to what inspires you. This principle motivates Ken and Klem in their everyday work and they wanted to convey that through this tribute piece, while paying respect to a hero who inspires them.

Ken’s cool hand went to work with the gold-leaf and paint while Klem cut glass and soldered away and, after working together for about a month, their masterpiece was complete.

via adobe