As we previously informed, on October 20the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth opened their 2nd, long awaited exhibition by Brian Donnelly aka KAWS. Along with revealing around 100 key examples of KAWS's work, the opening marked a release of a new merchandise and limited editions.

Photos by @WillNYC

The exhibition is exploring artist's career from the 1990s to the present through his paintings, drawings, large-scale sculpture, graffiti, and products such as toys and apparel. Best known for his cast of characters with X's for eyes and skulls and crossbones for heads, NYC-based artist came a long way from his humble beginnings as a graffiti kid from Jersey and this showcase covers every step of it. From NYC phone booth add disruptions from the 90s to large scale sculptures and abstract canvases hes producing these days. Now showing at major museums worldwide, collaborating with high end brands, and instantly selling out ever limited edition he releases, he holds an atypical position between art and design, primarily thanks to his 1st and most recognized character - COMPANION. —Sasha Bogojev

"COMPANION is a figure in the world now, and it's not all great out there. He deals with life the way everyone does. Even though I use a comic language, my figures are not always reflecting the idealistic cartoon view that I grew up on, where everything has a happy ending. COMPANION is more real in dealing with contemporary human circumstances. He reflects attitudes we all have. I think when I'm making work it also often mirrors what's going on with me at that time. Things change -- sometimes it's tense in the studio, other times things are happy. I want to understand the world I'm in and, for me, making and seeing art is a way to do that." —KAWS

The show will stay on view through January 22, 2017, and traveling to the Yuz Museum in Shanghai, China, March 10 through July 31, 2017.