Mirus Gallery is showing a new series of work by the Australian artist Kate Shaw titled The Shadowlands. At first glance, her brilliant abstract landscapes possess a sublime, yet ephemeral quality. Mountains formed by pools of acrylic paint deliquesce into a reflective basin, creating a mirroring effect of the terrain above. Her use of paints with vivid hues and iridescent qualities prove the landscapes to have an attractive and idealistic quality. 


Yet, there is an artificiality that leads to a deeper, almost haunting underlying message of environmental toxicity. Much like the natural beauty of this earth, marked by polluted skies that create beautiful pink sunsets, the rainbow iridescence cast on the surface of an oil spill, or a radioactive glow. Speaking to the dichotomy of the natural world, beauty and decay. The celestial landscape, under this context, morphs into a hidden miasmatic environment.

Orb, lenticular print, 90cm diamater, Ed 5,2018

For this body of work, Kate Shaw delves deeper into the physicality of darkness through the incorporation of phosphorescent paint, lenticular lightbox prints, and video projection.

Radiant, phosphorescent pigment, acrylic and resin on board, 90cm diameter, 2018