This April, Slow Culture will present “Just Tell Me You’re a Dream Chaser,” a dual exhibition by artists Sage Vaughn and Jeremy Shockley. Undefined by timing or positioning, and at polar opposite stages in their careers, this will be Sage Vaughn’s first Los Angeles painting exhibition in over a decade and the first for Jeremy Shockley.

Through two separate bodies of work, both artists have built an organic narrative involving weird, wonderfully dreamy environments. For Sage, with his classic romanticized painting collages and new explorations in composition tech- niques, exquisite landscapes have been re-conceptualized from vantage points far and wide. Jeremy has approached his work in a similar fashion. Through application of traditional oil painting techniques, his whimsical characters, rain- bows and landscapes transport us to abstract vistas.

Whether it be a dream or not, everyone is chasing something. Before we can move forward, we must first accept whatever it is we are searching for. Paralleled with the development of the gallery, this exhibition is a testament to our community of artists fostering one another’s creative growth.