Jules de Balincourt: "They Cast Long Shadows" @ Victoria Miro, London

Jan 19, 2018 - Mar 24, 2018Victoria Miro, London

"Currently, making work and living in America is beyond words, but maybe not beyond images." That is how Jules de Balincourt, the NYC-based painter and December 2017 Juxtapoz cover artist announces his new solo show, They Cast Long Shadows, which just opened at Victoria Miro in London and will run through March 24, 2018.

In reflection of the previous quote, de Balincourt's works have always captured the essence of adventure and a spirit of exploration and escapism. What we have noticed in recent years, and especially over the past 18 months, the works seem to be channeling a narrative about community. In the paintings for They Cast Long Shadows, the groups of people seem to embarking on an unexplainable journey together, in communication, exploring ways to leave or ways to survive together. As the gallery notes of the show, "Everywhere, dreamlike distortions and disconcerting shifts in scale create a sense of eeriness and imbalance. There is an unsettling atmosphere to these new paintings, suggestive of a world in flux. Yet, undeniable too, is a sense of optimism, a persistence of spirit, or a suggestion of how things might be different – with a collective leap of imagination, or if power was held in other hands."

To this writer, although there is uncertainty in the paintings, finds the news works in a bit of a positive light. I like to think there is optimism here. There is a sense that the figures in the paintings are regrouping, re-examining and reassessing their journey in life. Conversations are being had, hierarchies challenged and realigned. As perfectly said in the press relase, these works are "suggestive of a world in flux." 

Jules de Balincourt's new show will be on view through March 24, 2018.