The Detroit-based Library Street Collective kicks off their first Los Angeles residency in Mid City with Jordan Nickel (POSE) and his new body of paintings entitled FRANKLY. The gallery will host POSE's show through October, but continue programming through early 2017.

Inaugurating LSC's Los Angeles space on Saturday, September 17th is a solo exhibition of new works by Jordan Nickel (POSE) - aptly titled FRANKLY - a collection of evolutionary works that will recontextualize the provenance of the artist's Pop Art influences. Dramatic and immediate, his 16 paintings on paper demonstrate the risks and rewards of a body of work completely stripped down by one of LSC's favorite collagists.

Nickel began his training as an artist in Chicago in the early 90s, when as a teenager he gravitated towards the rebellion of sneaking out of his parents’ home to spend late nights painting in the streets. His determination to create on such a large scale kept him working tirelessly, and taught him tremendous patience; it wasn’t long before he realized that making art was all he ever wanted to do. Since then, Nickel’s message has evolved from tagging to a colorful fusion of 2-dimensional imagery that pulls from Pop Art, comics, advertising and typography, with a focus on revealing the intimate possibilities in traditionally superficial avenues of communication. Nickel layers and dissects his sources in a style all his own to present an aggregated story- a recipe where Betty and Veronica, Captain America and the Merrie Melodies are chopped and tossed to perfection.