Jimi Hendrix and The Art of The Experience

September 12, 2017

In the October 2017 print issue of Juxtapoz, we sat down with Jimi Hendrix's sister, Janie, to talk about Jimi's legacy as both an artist and musician. As you can read in our full feature, Janie noted that Jimi was obsessed with drawing and painting, even from a young age. Even though music would become the artform that Jimi became a legend for, we ask Janie about how she saw fine art staying with Jimi had he not passed at such a young age.

“Jimi would have continued to make artwork for the rest of his life. I think that eventually, it would have definitely become collectible, things that he would doodle, especially. I remember one when he was in court, there was a picture that he drew of his manager, who was giving testimony. Jimi was sitting, watching this, and sketching a picture of his manager, drawing all these flies around his manager's head. Then he drew a pile of shit in front of him because basically he was talking shit. He had that sense of humor. You know, you take Miles Davis, he was sort of similar in that way. He would do a lot of drawings, and he also was a great musician, and I think, a lot of times, musicians are great artists like that. John Lennon, too. Jimi liked to doodle. He did even more higher-end paintings, watercolors, things with felt pens. He even used nail polish. Anything with color, something where he could add texture. I think he would have continued on doing that style of expression.” —Janie Hendrix

Above, original artwork by Jimi Hendrix, © Authentic Hendrix LLC

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