Jillian Evelyn Reimagines Paintings In Three Different Environments For Her New Solo Show (UPDATED W OPENING PHOTOS)

Jun 15, 2018 - Jul 06, 2018Superchief NY, New York City

Jillian Evelyn's solo exhibit No One Sees You the Way I Do opens this weekend at Superchief's Ridgewood, Queens location in New York City. The show draws from her design background and the notion of relationships that change, adapt, and sometimes grow distant.

Evelyn’s art-career was preceded by a career in footwear design, one that deeply familiarized her with changing color palettes, thematic evocation, and utilizing physical space for utility, but also aesthetics. The show is split up into 3 different rooms, each room playing different music and featuring a different color palette. This split allows viewers to engage with similar designs, but reinterpret the design throughout each room dependent on the color palette and music.

As the viewer explores each of these spaces, they can witness firsthand what happens to the “same thing” in different environments, similar to how a relationship can change when observed in a new light or a new environment. The all-encompassing experience utilizes full sensory engagement to allow viewers to participate in an abstracted version of what each of us experiences with different family members, friends, and romantic partners, as we navigate the many “rooms” of life together.