Hashimoto Contemporary is pleased to present Connecting the Dots, a solo exhibition by Los Angeles-based artist Jillian Evelyn. Returning for her second solo presentation with the gallery, Evelyn’s minimalist figures explore the body as form and shape while challenging censorship. Read our interview with Jillian Evelyn here

Drawn to the “simplicity of the nude female form,” Evelyn explores the beauty and visual interest of the human body. Each figure is distilled to their essential components, creating thoughtful contemplations exploring gesture, emotion, intimacy and bodily connection. The nude figures display confidence and humanity rather than sexuality in their states of undress. The intimate moments captured in each work exude strength in their vulnerability.

Evelyn’s visual language refines the human body down to simple shapes, a curved line to imply a shoulder, utilizing negative space to shape the shadow of a chin or a perfect, bright orange circle to represent a nipple. Each of the works share the vibrant circular shape in their respective compositions, representing a nipple (regardless of gender or species), a fruit or freckles - challenging the need for censorship and connecting each of the dots.