Jeroen Erosie and Stephen Smith Show Their "Current Mood"

Jun 22, 2017Galerie Celal, Paris

Not long after participating in our What In the World: The Juxtapoz Edition group exhibition and street show at Urban Nation in Berlin, Jeroen Erosie recently opened newest exhibition, Current Mood, with Stephen Smith. The show opened on June 22nd, 2017 at Galerie Celal M13 and features a new body of work from both artists.

Focusing their program on artists who are pushing the limits of contemporary art while having a strong connection with graffiti culture, the British and Dutch artists' abstracted compositions were the perfect fit for the gallery's summer 2017 show. Both artists use the abstraction process through drawing and painting, their works complement each other, creating a vibrant installation full of unexpected concepts. They utilize a diverse range of materials and techniques, and the complex pieces generate a visual language filled with bold patterns and geometric symbols or objects. The works continue onto each other, and each artist creates a sort of dialogue as well as show constant progression and evolution of their concepts based on experiences in publishing, illustration, and typography.––Sasha Bogojev