Jen Mann "Sweet Nothing" @ Cordesa Fine Art, Los Angeles

Oct 15, 2016Cordesa Fine Art, Los Angeles

Jen Mann, the Toronto-based painter we have featured in the magazine and in our Hyperreal Book, is set to open a new body of work, Sweet Nothing, at Cordesa Fine Art in Los Angeles on October 15, 2016. 

Using dreamlike imagery navigated through a lens of nostalgia and pop culture, this show documents a coming of age tale through the artists own lens of identity and self. Mann's dry and self satirical humour is a unifying force weaving the pieces together. Mann uses imagery and symbols we are familiar with, to address our societies hypocritical and flawed projections of love and desire. "Sweet nothing" is a selection of works From her newest series "self absolved" documenting and cataloging the production of identity, femininity, and our relationship as a society to the self.