Indefatigable, keeping busy with a full schedule of projects, releases and exhibitions, Jeffrey Cheung recently opened a solo show following a week-long residency at The Holdout. The new exhibition space, artist studio, and private residence in Alcobaça, Portugal is run by Hyland Mather from Amsterdam's Andenken Gallery, this exhibition marks the second presentation with the SF Bay Area artist since his debut presentation in the Dutch capital last September.

Some of the work for this showcase was painted in advance of the residency, while others were created during an intense workweek on the Portuguese coast. Continuing to experiment with his distinctly recognizable cast of typically naked characters, Cheung creates a series of new work that playfully celebrates diversity and individuality. With the human body as the main event, the artist blends harmonious forms in vibrant clusters, a favorite motif. Painted almost exclusively with gouache and acrylic on paper or canvas, the images are constructed from punchy colored sections and loose, intuitive linework delineating anatomic details of these joyful innocents. The presentation also includes the latest examples from his newest series done with color pastel, where unpredictable color shifts of outlines create an energetic rendering amidst the body-twirl.

From everyday social happenings to intimate interactions, these works channel Cheung's ongoing effort to make a statement championing queer, trans, and people of color. While celebrating contributions to art, music, and skateboarding through a printing press and skateboard company Unity, his art aims to expand his message for a wider worldview. Sasha Bogojev

Jeffrey Cheung's Growing Garden is currently on view at The Holdout in Alcobaça, Portugal.