A couple of days ago Jean-Pierre Roy hosted an exclusive viewing of his new body of work for a selected group of friends and collectors at his studio in NYC. The event was organized in collaboration with Gallery Poulsen from Copenhagen as an exclusive preview of his upcoming show that will open on March 17th their brand new space.

Certain of My Uncertainty continues Jean-Pierre Roy's ongoing series of works that mixes the realistic, almost photographic images, along with sci-fi imagery from another time or dimension. Created exclusively with oils on canvas, these vibrant paintings challenge visitors' perception and imagination by creating narratives that hardly fit anything we're used to. Inspired by one of the important Enlightenment thinkers, Irish philosopher George Berkeley, Roy hides the real story in abstract, unfamiliar elements, showing our experiences of physical surroundings as illusions created in our minds. Starring faceless people dressed in everyday clothes, his images take place in post-apocalyptic surrounding and include hologram-like elements, projections, laser beams, spheres and similar futuristic imagery. Roy's subjects are captured in moments of tensed action or battle, with elements of recent disaster around them, which results in a strong feeling of uncertainty as the only constant and certain factor.

Planned as a small retrospective of artist's work that will include 10 new pieces along with selected works from his career, the event will be the perfect inaugural show for gallery's new spacious venue at Copenhagen's Brown Meatpacking district. —Sasha Bogojev