Alice gallery in Brussels is continuing a great season with another smashing show: Jean Julien's 1st exhibition at their Encore space which opens tonight, October 4th. After a few recent, successful shows presenting beachside imagery, the French artist constructed an entire body of work conceptualized around the idea of a window as a frame for his poetic yet simplistic imagery.

The Yellow Shutter (Le Volet Jaune), is entirely themed around the idea of "(de)framing" and the very basic idea of playing with perspectives and plastic representation. Using a variety of mostly indoor viewing points such as home windows, boats, beach houses, offices, aquariums, diners, cars, and even surf barrels, Julien depicts just enough particular details to place his image precisely where it belongs. Letting this recognizable frame create the main atmosphere of the work, the characters and action painted in front of them become secondary and feel almost muted. At the same time, he feeds the viewer's imagination with the idea of what's not shown in the painting, the bigger picture that continues onto the suggested framing. Perfectly fitting his plastic expression, these pieces introduce a new dimension into his simplified, yet instantly recognizable imagery. The artist extended the entire concept into the real life by painting the gallery windows, leaving only a small opening as the one possibility to peek inside.