Jaybo Monk's "Analogous" at Mirus Gallery's New Denver Space

Jul 07, 2018 - Jul 28, 2018Mirus Gallery, Denver

Jaybo Monk, an artist we featured in our February 2015 issue, is currently having his first solo exhibition at Mirus Gallery's new Denver location. Analogous serves as an overview of the Berlin-based artist's creative activity, including a seriously diverse and large body of work that represents his ever-changing and ever-evolving practice.

The exhibition opened on July 7th with an artist talk with Monk, who took the time to describe both the work and his art in general. On view through July 28th, Analogous gives visitors a glimpse into the eclectic output for which monk has become notorious. Strongly influenced by his own unique life story, as well as his elaborate views on life and society, his artistic activity defines him as a philosopher, anti-philosopher, artist, poet, human, and anti-artist.

From recognizable abstract oil paintings to assemblages, installations and photographs, this body of work presents his efforts to deconstruct himself as an artist in his ongoing quest for authenticity. During this process, the French-born artist created an overview of his artistic output through years, revisiting many of his previous series, creating works in groupings or assembled as a singular piece. Utilizing sculpture, painting, photographs, drawing, and installation, he constructed a large narrative that relies on asymmetry and abstraction, a crucial element in his work and life philosophy. Both beautiful and absurd, poetic and chaotic, Analogous is an elaborate introspective solo exhibition that successfully showcases the prolific and boundless output of the extraordinary creative that is Jaybo Monk.––Sasha Bogojev

Photos by Tye Idleman / Juliana Moskow