Jay Howell Brings His Cast of Characters to Subliminal Projects

Jul 21, 2018 - Aug 18, 2018Subliminal Projects, Los Angeles

Subliminal Projects is exhibiting new works by Los Angeles-based illustrator, artist, and cartoonist Jay Howell, titled Here Comes the Howellman. Featuring new mixed media works on paper, a limited edition print release, and an exclusive new zine release.

Exposed to punk music and skateboard culture at an early age, Howell immediately identified with their shared DIY ethos, inspiring him to self-publish his own zines, cartoons, animations, and skateboard graphics. Best known for his work as the character designer for Fox’s hit show, “Bob’s Burgers,” and as the co-creator, art director, and executive producer of “Sanjay and Craig,” an animated children’s show for Nickelodeon, Howell’s unique line-style, eccentric characters, carefree wit, and no-permissions-asked artistic approach has been exhibited around the world and garnered collaborations with brands such as Vans, Gucci, and Playboy. 

Howell’s refreshingly simplistic yet subversive existential narrative in, Here Comes the Howellman, takes the viewer through a non-sequitur comic jumping from the adventures of his diverse gang of characters, to unfiltered musings, personal vulnerabilities, and just some downright silliness. 

This exhibition was made possible with the support of Vans.