Thinkspace Gallery is currently presenting, Breaking Point, featuring new works by American, Berlin-based, artist James Bullough. A technically accomplished painter who creates with a staggering degree of detail, Bullough begins with figurative imagery, disjointing and levitating its fragmented parts.

Like many people, we first became aware of Bullough's work through his murals, one in particular actually, his "Float" piece in Richmond, Virginia. It was unique and stunning, and caught us as another great addition into the fine art mural, a talent who can turn a painting on canvas into a major, multi-storied public art piece. Since then, James has been on our radar, and seeing a new series of his paintings, like the ones in Breaking Point, reinforce the talent he has and his ability to capture motion and movement in a refreshing way. We highly recommend checking the show out before it comes down on June 18, 2016.