"It Took Me Till Now to Find You" at Lazarides is a new project by Addam Yekutieli, aka Know Hope. After dealing with mostly universal issues from an intellectual stand point in his previous work, this particular body of work deals with a situation that is very local and close to the artist himself.

The idea of the project is to portray a complex political reality of Segregation Wall by describing an on-going historical narrative. Basing his work on actual letters written by both Palestinians and Israelis, the poetic body of work forms a series of small monuments to one of the most sensitive and troubled regions in the world. After years of working on public walls, Yekutieli took a different approach this time by recreating the sections of the infamous wall and using them as canvas. By carving the emotive messages from found letters into these rough cement blocks, he evokes the toughness of the situation as well as the persistence needed to overcome it. At the same time, he frames these pieces with added tree roots, showing that these ideas were taken away from their original context and location. Symbolically, these messages penetrate the entire way through the cement blocks at some parts, giving a sense of hope that overcoming such situation is possible. Paired with each of these works is an additional piece that consists of the original handwritten letter, the tool used to scratch the text into the wall, and bottles of dust accumulated from the scratching and a painting of silhouettes of the roots, all adding to the deep and delicate narrative of this emotive project. —Sasha Bogojev