Eleven years since his inaugural show with V1 Gallery, Todd James is coming back to Copenhagen for a brand new solo exhibition titled Interior at V1's Eighteen Gallery. Focusing on images that celebrate a calm and safe vision of mundane indoor life, the NYC-based artist is this time stepping away from the action filled military imagery and celeb-like Somali pirate portraits.

For his fourht solo show with the V1 family, James created 9 large works on canvas and 8 works on paper depicting various perspectives and aspects of interior paintings. Flattening the familiar motif to rough shapes of objects like chairs, tables, flowers, books, paintings, fruits and the occasional nude figures, the artist constructed complex compositions that invite the observer to form a dimensional image of the depicted space. The idea of employing the imagination comes even more obvious through the "paintings within the paintings" appearing in couple of works. With the interior paintings arranged in a parlor style hanging, they are encouraging the viewer to closely investigate the whole image and discover all the little everyday treasures hidden there. From bongs, teapots, mugs, ashtrays, and butts, both human and cigarette ones, these pieces are a puzzle made from lose shapes of unconventional color palette. —Sasha Bogojev

The show runs from January 19—February 24, 2018.