This Saturday, December 15th, LA's PDP Gallery will be opening Unpaved Paradise, a new solo show by Spanish artist Inigo Sesma at their new location at 806 Mateo street in downtown Los Angeles. This exhibition is a result of a long trip that the artist took for the past year or so, traveling from his hometown of San Sebastian in Basque country in North of Spain, through France, Serbia, all the way across the USA, from NY to LA.

Capturing the scenery, his experiences, and peculiar characters he met along the way with his camera, Sesma documented this journey both physically and emotionally. The experiences of different cultures, communities, urban spaces, and breathtaking landscapes, served as a great source of inspiration as well as reference for the body of work he painted for this showcase. Comprising of 22 new canvases, an indoor mural, and a video projection installation, Unpaved Paradise continues the legacy of The Beat Generation, and especially Jack Kerouac. In this spirit, the works are not including the standard narratives and are instead making somewhat spiritual quests while portraying the scenery and human condition of the places visited. Using actual locations as his reference, Sesma is reinventing the contemporary urban art by creating a special, authentic atmosphere in his work. Without trying to appear urban or trendy, his pictures are honest depictions of the mundane places visited and moments experienced, captured in a traditional painterly manner. —Sasha Bogojev