The French painter, Inès Longevial, to open her first solo exhibition in Los Angeles at HVW8 Gallery with a beautiful series of paintings that reflect her influences from the Southwest of France. The solo show, Sous Le Soleil (Under the Sun), will open October 20th and run through November 26, 2017. 

We have been often saying in the Juxtapoz offices in recent years that the state of painting, figurative or not, is in a healthy place. There are so many talented painters working right now, and the Paris-based Inès is definitely one of them. She has a classic sense of color and composition, not scared to work in the same vein as the past Masters, but also in an original and refreshing way. The faces are angled in a particular way, the use of oil paint cmomposed in a way that keeps you looking at body part, every flesh tone, every article of clothing. We can't wait to see her career progress. 

"Naturally, I was very attracted by the cliché and idealistic representation of the female body, like so many that are posted on Instagram. However, I quickly realized that this would be a problem for me to draw female bodies modeled after the expectations and fantasies of our society. Today, I try to paint bodies differently…I like to emphasize forms of flesh that are forgotten: fingertips, cheekbones…it’s important to not cultivate only “girly” culture when we talk about women, but on the contrary, to show that femininity can be unique.” —Inès Longevial