Many would argue that replicating the views of reality is a waste of paint as a medium, and we feel that Jarvis Brookfield might be one of those people. As the artist told us himself, he "focuses on painting and is influenced by, the internal world of what it means to be human and altered states of consciousness," and a new series of works exploring this mysterious realm will be revealed at his upcoming solo show which opens on September 17th at LCB Depot in Leicester, England.

The reach of Brookfield's imagination comes to light with the title of the show, which is a made-up word meaning inner acquaintance - Inaquien. Following such an approach to channeling his creativity, the body of work comprises psychedelic compositions in which explosively vibrant organic shapes are simultaneously flowing with and clashing against each other. "These imaginary scenes are drawn from my personal experiences with altered states of consciousness," the artist told Juxtapoz in a brief explanation of the works. 

The ever-intriguing and often life-changing experiences induced by entheogens have prompted Brookfield to question what it means to be human from an internal perspective? And while not giving an answer to such questions, the Leicester-based artist is going over this idea using painting as a medium that allows for endless experimentation. By constructing an amalgamation of vibrant colors, sprouting shapes, patterns, and glowing elements, as well as permeating his visuals with a sense of relentless dynamics and constant change, he is exploring the idea of what interface between the physical and spiritual dimensions might look like. Inspired by the theories developed by Buddhist teachers, Islamic cosmologists, or psychoanalysts, the artist proposes what might exists beyond duality, space, and time, through his drawing-based practice. Backed with the intuition and memory of past experiences with entheogens, Brookfield's abstracted figurations are aiming to articulate the four elements that he found to be intensely present in his own experiences - energy, vitality, luminosity, and dimensionality. With striking color shifts, surprising layering of forms and surfaces, or the believable depth illusion created with clever play with focus and blur, the artist honors the sensation of hallucination and encountering one's own Inaquien. —Sasha Bogojev