There have been so many start and stops in terms what is able to be open here in California, but one thing is consistent is our laptops and getting information via live talks. That is what our good friends at the Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento are doing with the great pop surrealism survey Todd Schorr: Atomic Cocktail. 

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As the show traveled from the Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art to the Crocker, the museem's have set up a Zoom talk about the realities and steps that go into moving a show coast to coast. Virginia MOCA Curator Heather Hakimzadeh and Curator of Education Truly Matthews will be in conversation with the Crocker’s Houghton Kinsman in a wide-ranging discussion that offers attendees a unique glimpse behind the curtain of exhibition-based museum collaborations. The talk will take place on Sunday, December 13 @ 10AM PST!

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