Igor Taritash Portrays Alienated Spaces

December 11, 2017

Tales of Art Gallery in Imola, Italy, is currently showing a solo exhibition by Igor Taritash, Alienated Space. The inaugural show for the gallery includes new acrylic works on panel where the Croatian artist explores the space as a multidimensional being that enables life and affects it with its energy.

Stripped of almost any human presence, Taritash's images are vibrant portraits of mostly surreal locations. Using different techniques to apply and manipulate paint on the surface, the artist achieves strongly textured works that imitate the architectural details of real structures while depicting their deterioration. At the same time, these scratches, lumps of paint and similar disturbances, are in direct conflict with sharp and strict dimensional compositions of his work.

The show includes a series of new works that depict nighttime settings of actual places, often attributed with exaggerated light and shadow effect and over saturated hues. With addition of the scars of urban life, graffiti or signs of decay, these cityscapes are turned into monuments of society that slowly collapses with time. Along with presenting new body of work, the artist produced a limited edition of hand painted prints based on one of the paintings, as well as a limited edition catalog of the exhibition. —Sasha Bogojev