Igor Taritash: A New Perspective

February 01, 2017

Igor Taritash is young Croatian painter whose work plays with space, architecture and perspective in a continuous effort to depict the 3D world on a 2D surface. Though surreal, his settings are based on mix of real images which give the sense that they are photographic documents of futuristic cities, mansions or other urban surroundings.

His concept is based on interest in the relationship between a subject and its space around. Whether open or closed, the spaces undoubtedly define and even limit the way we act and think, which further establish us as social beings. With this in mind, his spaces always include open doors or windows, suggesting possibilities, passages and exploration. His process includes a mason approach to creating a textured base which then gets painted with many layers of acrylic. Further on, using scratching, rubbing or tearing, he achieves the effective juxtaposition of vibrant colors, exact perspective, sharp architectural elements and geo-based compositions, against dark tones, paint splatters and textured surfaces. By adding these human elements, the artist suggests the existence of people around his work, even though there are usually none present. Taritaš is currently working on two solo shows he has coming up in Croatia, after recently showing his work in Germany and Austria. —Sasha Bogojev