Dutch illustrator, designer and painter, Piet Parra is at it again, currently debuting a solo exhibition at Over The Influence in Hong Kong. After introducing his work during Art Basel week earlier this year, Parra is now showing a new series of paintings on canvas and ink drawings on paper, with the cryptic title I Seriously Doubt It.

As usual, the renowned Amsterdam-based artist stamps the show with his infectious lighthearted playfulness. And while the title suggests ambiguity, the presentation is built from a well-calculated and coherent body of work, continuing Parra's distinct, recognizable aesthetic. Accenting strong color contrast with sharp graphic constructions, the exhibition demonstrates the artist's ability to create subtle shifts while maintaining his signature shaping and mood.

While modifying that visual language and keeping things fresh, Parra underlines this particular series of work with repetitive black and white patterns, a feature the artist is now exploring, which now appears the work as a connecting leitmotif. Constructed from simple geometric shapes, these patterns break up favorite pink, red and blue compositions, creating an elegant balance among the visual elements. Narratives of leisure, and often, mischief and debauchery add naughty surprise.

Though dominated by an archetypal, ever-present female figure, the array of imagery also includes vases, fabrics, and furniture, as well as the occasional bird. The titles of the work suggest a somewhat wry look at how modern women might experience love and friendship, eyes wide-open and ready for life. –Sasha Bogojev