We've witnessed the ingress of digital aesthetic to the analog world of art for so long that some concepts are starting to feel vintage by now, and the way Maja Djordjevic utilizes the pixelated appearance of primitive paint software, is definitely Post-Digital Pop down-right full-on retro! In her major solo exhibition currently on view at Dio Horia's new space in Athens, the Serbian artist explores the potential of such an approach to creating work. Presenting paintings, installation and sculptures, she deftly transforms the flat pixelated aesthetics into a questionable 3D parody.

Stemming from highschool days spent drawing in Microsoft Paint, Djordjevic developed a peculiar practice of depicting almost defective visuals with thick enamel paint on canvas. The combination of digital background and hands-on execution results in whimsical creations through which the artist reveals her most personal thoughts and emotions, including the flaws. From misspelled quotes to sketch-like renderings of her imagery, she cleverly captures the imperfections in her reference images through a dazzling visual language that often feels like a caricature of itself.

"This exhibition is all about love, excitement, fear and the ephemerality of all emotions, as well as the ways to face all the challenges that reveal the magic of existence," Djordjevic explains. Dominated by a feeling of love that the artist experiences these days, her signature naked blonde character plays the leading role in this exploration. A self-portrait of sorts, this quirky persona finds herself in surreal situations through which the artist metaphorically explores and portrays life's challenges and pleasures. Rendered with thick layers of enamel paint on canvas, combining the vibrancy of color with neon lights, and even breaking into 3D in the most restricted way possible, I'm Always a Different Person feels like a celebration of life's energy and emotions ensnared within a limiting, pixelated filter. Sasha Bogojev