"I'm Afraid of Americans," Ryan Bock's Latest Show in Paris

May 17, 2018 - Feb 06, 2019Ground Effect Gallery, Paris

Our friend and fantastic artist Ryan Bock is opening his latest show I'm Afraid of Americans at Ground Effect Gallery in Paris. The show, which takes its name from a 1997 David Bowie song, is a critical and satirical take on the American identity, including American consumerism, nationalism, conformity, gun policy, and politics. Bock's signature style offers an alternative lens to view an oft-analyzed subject. and showing the work in Paris serves as vantage point to view the society Bock spends most of his days in. 

Bock lays it out more simply: “Living in America today is like watching a “B” horror film. The script and characters are predictable, yet still manage to shock you. As with horror films you witness the action, but you’re removed from it, stripped of your power and forced into a voyeuristic position of inactivity. You become a fat man in a recliner, chewing popcorn and screaming obscenities at the big screen, while the other audience members in the theatre scramble to ‘shhh’ you.”