Hoxxoh's Monuments to Process in "Old Enough to Remember" at First Amendment Gallery

Sep 08, 2018 - Sep 28, 2018First Amendment Gallery, San Francisco, CA

First Amendment Gallery has a new show coming up titled Old Enough To Remember, a solo exhibition by Miami-based artist Hoxxoh. The exhibition features over 30 works created using self-designed painting mechanisms which obscure process and intention. The finished pieces contain visually striking abstract patterns, revealing little about their nature or creation.

Hoxxoh’s innovative technique departs from previous works and is incredibly difficult to imitate. This technique involves instruments like pendulums, spray cans, and dustpans, which allow each painting to develop its own life beyond his direct intervention. This process requires Hoxxoh to withdraw and let it run its course, which can make or break the final piece. Each piece stands alone as a finished work of art, but contain the story of their creation, creator, and his tools.

Douglas Hoekzema, AKA Hoxxoh, is a Miami. FL-based artist. He’s exhibited work at First Amendment Gallery in San Francisco, Superchief Gallery x Hieronymus Gallery in Akron, Ohio, and Galerie Loft du 34 in Paris, France. His work was also in the 2017 Juxtapoz Clubhouse in MIami, FL, and has completed murals around the world.