If you are going to have a star-studded show featuring all NYC-based painters, having the title of the show borrowing the phrase “How ‘Bout Them Apples?” from the 1997 film, Good Will Hunting, might be surprising. That was Boston after all, drenched in Harvard/MIT/Red Sox and Matt Damon. But the way Ross + Kramer Gallery have shaped this group show, featuring some of Juxtapoz's absolute favorites, and a concept that speaks to the "resilience and toughness of the artists whose work is featured in this exhibition, New Yorkers who persevered through one of the city’s most trying periods," How 'Bout Them Apples? works just perfectly. 

And what this show demonstrates is that, even times of a crushing pandemic and economic uncertainty, NYC is still the epicenter for American art, both emerging and established. From Eddie Martinez to Mr Star City, Julie Curtiss to Ana Benaroya, Anna Park to Erik Parker, there is a great conversation happening here that spans a few generations and styles. All these artists have a bit of a left field, outsider aspect to what they do, and Ross + Kramer has created a wonderful scope for which even the casual art observer can absorb what NYC art is like today. —Evan Pricco

Artists in the show include: Nina Chanel Abney, Trey Abdella, Ana Benaroya, Jonathan Chapline, Julie Curtiss, Timothy Curtis, Todd James, Ludovic Nkoth, Eddie Martinez, Tony Matelli, John Rivas, Koichi Sato, Anna Park, Erik Parker, and David “Mr. Star City” White.