“If I met my ancestors at the edge of the ocean, would I bring flowers?” So said Khari Turner in our new Summer 2021 Quarterly and Radio Juxtapoz podcast, a sentiment that has been pulsating through his works over the last year and more. In Hella Water, his newest solo show at Voss Gallery in San Francisco, Khari looks to the Bay Area and the Hyphy culture which was one of the most unique subcultures to emerge from the area this century. 

"Thinking a lot about the language and energy that Hyphy brought to places like the Midwest," Turner said. "Thinking of words like 'Hella' really being such a part of my vocabulary at that time. This is also a show that will function as a moment to be grittier and raw with a lot of flash and jewelry." With his signature style of combining ocean water, lake water and acrylics, oils and sand, the works have a rare dimension of place and history. Which is where Turner is at his absolute best. —Evan Pricco