Hashimoto Contemporary's latest New York exhibition is titled Xenophilia, a solo exhibition by Los Angeles-based artist Lauren YS. The artist’s inaugural solo exhibition at Hashimoto Contemporary, she takes the viewer on a psychedelic and surrealist exploration of gender and identity. Simultaneously, Hashimoto is presenting Scandalized, the debut solo exhibition of works by Miranda Tacchia, also based in Los Angeles. The artist’s minimal illustrations are imbued with contemporary commentary, humor and Tacchia’s unique and indelible attitude.

Lauren YS
Inspired by Shunga (traditional Japanese erotic art) and science fiction, Lauren YS has created a world filled with writhing and cavorting characters that defy traditional categorization or binaries. Animals and humans morph and meld with one another, recalling symbols and metaphors from YS’ multi-cultural background and influences.

Each piece celebrates the “other,” deviants and monstrous miscreants entwined in joyful exploration. YS states, “The concept of ‘xenophilia' expands to promote a ubiquitous enthusiasm for all which is strange and other within the bounds of positivity and consent, leaving the viewer with the unequivocal notion that, in the end, the freaks have it.” 

Miranda Tacchia
With a background in animation and character design, Miranda Tacchia’s concise drawings offer biting and witty observations of dating, relationships, feminism and being a woman today. Each of her titles is paired with a colorfully hued and emotive female figure, such as “When he stumbles over his words every time he looks at you” pictured above. Each of her characters simultaneously embodies vulnerability, strength and self-confidence.

Working on a small scale, Tacchia’s work beckons the viewer in to investigate each character, each narrative and each side long glance. The highly relatable nature of her work perfectly embodies intimate, often hilarious, everyday moments of women moving through the world.