From October 23rd to the 26th will be a survey of pieces from Harpy Gallery’s first two years showing painting, drawing, and sculpture. The show will feature 31 artists who have shown, are currently showing, and will be showing at Harpy Gallery. On display will be over 70 pieces that focus on the figurative, psychological, and mythological aspects of representational modes of working. The pop-up will be the first time Harpy has been brought to NY, and will take place at 251 Greenpoint Ave in Brooklyn, NY in a space generously provided by Dusty Rose Vintage.

Harpy is a contemporary art gallery operating in New Jersey focusing on emerging artists from the disciplines of comix, illustration, and representational painting. The show will highlight the varied approaches by artists that the gallery has shown, and many that will show in the future. This variety can be seen in the obfuscated landscapes of Alan Prazniak that slowly reveal an overseeing figure, the screen printed panels of Milo Moyer-Battick that disjointedly connect the abstract and the graphic, or the linearly interrupted figures of dangerously ambiguous interaction that Delphine Hennelly renders in oil. All of the work seeks to find fresh ways of presenting the pictorial pursuit, with Marlene Frontera fluidly framing her participants in a space ungraspable, Em Kettner’s reinterpretation of folk traditions in clay and thread, or Jason Murphy’s malleable slapstick molding of cartoon forms. For a more complete understanding of Harpy’s program please visit the Greenpoint Group Show October 23 through October 26.

The artists on display are as follows: Adam Amram, Natalie Anne Howard, Milo Moyer-Battick, Heather Benjamin, Taylor Carpenter, Anthony Coleman, Anthony Cudahy, June Culp, Jonathan DeDecker, Cannon Dill, Andrea Estella, Marlene Frontera, Austin Furtak-Cole, Rachel Hayden, Audrey Helen-Weber, Delphine Hennelly, Matthew Houston, Gretta Johnson, Toshihiro Kamihira, Em Kettner, Kate Klingbeil, Grace Lannon, Adam Lovitz, Juli Majer, Drew Miller, Jason Murphy, Erin Murray, Nick Norman, Alan Prazniak, Leon Sadler, and Clayton Schiff.