Forbidden Thinking is a group exhibition at Last Rites Gallery guest-curated by Donia Mohamed. The artists included in the exhibition are: Adipocere, Audra Auclair, Kelsey Beckett, Zofia Bogusz, Nomi Chi, Sam Wolfe Connelly, Natalie Hall, Miles Johnston, Erik Jones, Nimit Malavia, Horacio Quiroz, Helice Wen, and Christine Wu.

Often, people find themselves running from their own minds as imposing, negative thoughts invade their streams of consciousness. Thoughts such as wishes for another's misfortune, contemplations of self-harm, and taboo fantasies of sexual desires arrive unannounced, and worse, carry an allure to them. Whether this is seen as a flaw in psychology, or perhaps even a belief that Satan himself is corrupting the human mind, escape is difficult as these wretched thoughts endlessly replay. Regardless, reflection upon these naturally occurring ideas demands that they be suppressed.

In "Forbidden Thinking", artists connect with these intrusive and unwanted thoughts to create figurative embodiments of these emotions. This exhibition aims to create a visual narrative around the concept of intrusive thoughts, taboo impulses, and the idea that your own mind is the enemy.

"The notion of unwanted thoughts is something all of us struggle with in some fashion. I wanted to take this opportunity to invite artists who may not always create with such darkened concepts in mind to push their work further. As artists, we have been given an unwritten duty to reveal truths about human existence and open them for discussion. This exhibition seeks to recognize, normalize, and accept these taboo thoughts, erasing the confusion of belief and fear that they could actually be revealing who we truly are beneath the surface. A discussion I hope can continue beyond the gallery." —Donia Mohamed, curator.

Opening reception: Saturday, May 6th, 2017 from 7-11pm.