This Thursday, Fifty24PDX Gallery will be hosting a two-person exhibition entitled Hunter’s Moon, featuring the work of Grady Gordon and Tina Lugo.

Grady Gordon's inspiration for his haunting imagery can be traced back to stories and mythology from various cultures around the world. Including the muse of this event, the Werewolf. Gordon's works are truly unique in that each monotype offers only one edition making them even more sought after by collectors. While Gordon creates solely in black and white, Tina Lugo's work bleeds in technicolor. Lugo's work blends bright colors and dark subject matter into imagery that leaves an imprint in the viewers mind. Lugo describes her greatest influence as Ero Guru Nansensu - the art movement from Japan "a name comprised of fractions of the English words erotic, grotesque, and nonsense."

Hunter's Moon showcases the starkly contrasting styles of both artists and places them hand in hand to play off each others differences beautifully. Holding the viewers attention and imagination exactly the way great art should.

Opening Reception: Thursday October 6th, 2016,  6-9pm