GR Gallery is pleased to announce “Happy Hour” and “Some Strange Speckle of Truth”, two concurrent solo exhibitions featuring artists Leegan Koo and Jack Shure. The shows will unveil the latest series of artworks that the artists has been working on for the past months. Appositely conceived for this occasion, this new body of works will independently spread across the gallery space, creating an unprecedented surreal contemporary atmosphere and celebrating both artists first solo exhibition in New York. The show will put together eighteen original pieces on canvas.

In Happy Hour Leegan  places well-known pop culture characters in a variety of imagined, unfamiliar scenes to create a certain atmospheric quality that shares with the viewers and to disrupt the fixed images of these characters. The viewers are encouraged to feel the moods and imagine a story, rather than "interpret" the meanings. It is about seeing and discovering something new from old and familiar, as well as tapping into the infinite possibilities of the scene shown in the painting.

On the other side in “ Some Strange Speckle of Truth “ Jack is Pulling imagery from both his childhood, currently and perhaps the future, simultaneously creating this body of work during a time of serious change. Letting go of formulas and subjects so new icons could arise, in a sort of an ego crucifixion where these weird artifacts are the byproduct. It's the beginning of something new but is also always changing. Not really interested in deliberately directing, just more riding the waves that come through and finding some “strange speckle of truth".